About this Project

This will eventually turn into a fully working Indie Community website, which is open source.

It is being developed using Django 1.5 as various pluggable apps.

Features I plan on building

This is a short list of features which I believe a successful Indie Game community will need:

  • A Game Database, where indie developers can upload and download games.
  • Cloud Storage support, as indie games can grow very large, an affordable storage solutions is needed.
  • Reviews, comments, and ratings framework.
  • Developer blogs, with support for vlogs to display gameplay.
  • Asset management, for indie developers can share their art with other developers and easily get credited for their work.
  • Full developer profiles relvant for indie game development.
  • Online in browser chat, for indie developers can collaborate in private history-based chatrooms.
  • Contest management suite, which will allow a community to create various contests and allow developers to easily enter these contests.
  • Game of the Month, and Game of the Year support.
  • Browse games by screenshot alone, which will prevent a very large board with only screenshots to choose from.
  • Random game support, for players unsure of which game they want to tackle next.
  • Advanced filtering, for communities which have a multi-genre game engine.
  • And more to come...

This is only a short list of what I want to add, more will be added as time goes on.

How you can help?

Firstly, all and any input on the direction of the site is greatly helpful.
If you are an indie artist who would like to submit art for the website's theme, that'd be really nice of you.
If you can code in Python, fork the project and hack away. Submit any patches you can.

You can also help by contributing to it's Uarica page: