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{% extends "base.html" %}
{% load ohrrpgce %}
{% load bs %}

{% block content %}
<div class="row-fluid">
  <div class="span5">
      <img src="{{game.first_screenshot}}"/>
    <div class="alert alert-info">Description</div>
    <div class="alert alert-info">Storyline</div>
    <div class="alert alert-info">Credits</div>
    <table class="table">
        <tr><th>Scenario:</th><td>{% for author in game.scenario.all %}{{author|link}}{% endfor %}</td></tr>
        <tr><th>Graphics:</th><td>{% for author in %}{{author|link}}{% endfor %}</td></tr>
        <tr><th>Music:</th><td>{% for author in %}{{author|link}}{% endfor %}</td></tr>
        <tr><th>Sound FX:</th><td>{% for author in game.sfx.all %}{{author|link}}{% endfor %}</td></tr>
    <div class="alert alert-info">More Screenshots</div>
    <ul class="thumbnails">
    {% for screenshot in game.screenshots.all %}
      <li class="span4"> 
        <img class="pull-left" src="{{screenshot.image.url}}"/>
    {% empty %}
      No screenshots are currently available...
    {% endfor %}
    {% if game.owner == user %}<p>{% modal_button 'Upload Screenshot' 'addScreenshot' 'upload' %}<p>{% endif %}
  <div class="span3">
    <div class="alert alert-info">Game Title</div>
    <div class="alert alert-info">Game Type</div>
    <a href="{% url 'game_list' %}?game_type={{game.game_type}}">{{game.get_game_type_display}}</a>
    <div class="alert alert-info">Game Genre</div>
    <a href="{% url 'game_list' %}?genre={{game.genre}}">{{game.get_genre_display}}</a>
    <div class="alert alert-info">Game Style</div>
    <a href="{% url 'game_list' %}?style={{}}">{{game.get_style_display}}</a>
    <div class="alert alert-info">Engine Version used</div>
    <div class="alert alert-info">Download this game</div>
      {% for download in game.downloads.all %}
        <a href="#">{{download}}</a><br/>
        <i>Downloaded {{download.download_count}} times.</i>
      {% empty %}
        No Downloads currently available.
      {% endfor %}{% if game.owner == user %}<p>
        <div class="btn-group">
          <a class="btn dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown" href="#">{% icon 'plus' %}Add Download <span class="caret"></span></a>
          <ul class="dropdown-menu">
            <li><a href="#addGame" data-toggle="modal">{% icon 'upload' %}Upload Game</a></li>
            <li class="nav-header">Link to other game list</li>
            <li><a href="#linkSS" data-toggle="modal">{% icon 'globe' %}SlimeSalad</a></li>
            <li><a href="#linkCP" data-toggle="modal">{% icon 'globe' %}CastleParadox</a></li>
      </p>{% endif %}
    <div class="alert alert-info">Player comments</div>
    <a href="#">View Comments</a>
    <div class="alert alert-info">Date Added</div>
    {{game.date_added|date:'l F jS, Y'}}
    <div class="alert alert-info">Date Updated</div>
    {{game.updated_on|date:'l F jS, Y'}}
{% modal 'Add Screenshot' 'addScreenshot' game.get_absolute_url %}
This should be in the modal!
{% endmodal %}
{% modal 'Upload Game' 'addGame' game.get_absolute_url %}
Upload a game file form.
{% endmodal %}
{% modal 'Add SlimeSalad link' 'linkSS' game.get_absolute_url %}
Upload a game file form.
{% endmodal %}
{% modal 'Add CastleParadox link' 'linkCP' game.get_absolute_url %}
Upload a game file form.
{% endmodal %}
{% endblock %}