PyCARS: Python/Pi Computer Access/Retrieval System

This project is to create a base for creating simple and minimalistic touch screen interfaces for the Raspberry Pi
touch screens. The focus is to make a full Python runtime environment capable of running different "PyCARS apps".

External developers will be free once the API is available, to create simple apps which make use of the PyCARS interface
and APIs. The goal is to include the core functionality of PyCARS in this package, and have apps to add the additional

To avoid copyright and legal issues, this project will not include any sound and image assets, and only contain the
required source code to make the system function. It is the duty of the user to provide said assets, let they be
copyrighted assets, or handmade personal assets. In the future, this project may include sample assets which will be
handmade crudely by the developer, so that the source code as a whole can be used without voilating copyright.

To conclude, neither the project name/title, nor any of the source files contained herein contain any material which is
under any copyright laws.

External requirements

Assets: Graphics and sounds which are compatible. Graphics are currently drawn on the fly, but this will soon change.
pygame: SDL for Python basically, which is pre-installed on all Raspbian Pis.
pygame-vgaconsole: Another Pygame project of mine, you only need 3 files:

The VGAConsole is rather optional, as it's used to display exceptions and the internal log. The VGA.ttf is currently
required however, as the UI currently renders using this font, which may change in the near future.

To use this project on a touch screen, you will obviously need a Raspberry Pi and a compatible touch screen.

Installation onto a Raspberry Pi

Please read pi-stuff/README for more information on this.