Kevin Veroneau avatar Kevin Veroneau committed fb6b648

Added repr to Issue object and added new example on how to browse issues using the API.

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 	    self.status = data['status']
 	    self.kind = data['metadata']['kind']
+    def __repr__(self):
+        return "<Issue: %s>" % self.title
     def as_dict(self):
         data = {'title':self.title, 'content':self.content, 'priority':self.priority, 'status':self.status, 'kind':self.kind}


+from api import API
+api = API("kveroneau", "**password**")
+issues = api.get_issues("kveroneau", "python-bitbucket")
+for issue in issues:
+  print "Issue title: %s" % issue.title
+  print "Issue priority: %s" % issue.priority
+  print "Issue content:\n%s\n\n" % issue.content
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