This is a Debian live-build, version 2.0.12-1 build system files for a Web Development Environment

Before proceeding to build the system, please do the following(or you will not have a proper system):

Change your preferred username under "auto/config", also change the username in "config/chroot_local-hooks/"

If you wish to re-enable the Debian Live's ability to auto-login, remove the following files:

Feel free to also custom any of these hooks to your specific requirements.

In order to properly install both Eclipse and the latest version of Firefox(not iceweasel), please read the following readme file:

If you wish to use Chrome, download the DEB package from and place it into the following directory:

You can customize any of the packages by creating a new list file in the following directory:

Existing lists are already there, however refrain from editing those as an "hg update" may wipe your changes.
After creating a new custom list file, add this file to your "auto/config" file.

To start the actual build, run the following as the "root" user: lb build

This will create an ISO binary image by default, you can change this in the "auto/config" file.

This is for the live-build system shipped with "Debian Squeeze", and may not work with other versions of live-build.

I may release a newer version of this build system for "Debian Wheezy" at a future date.