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Kevin Veroneau  committed 30a9d8a

First attempt at converting Web Development live-build to latest version of live-build included in Wheezy.

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File .hgignore

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File webdev-wheezy/auto/build

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+lb build noauto "${@}" 2>&1 | tee binary.log

File webdev-wheezy/auto/clean

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+lb clean noauto "${@}"
+rm -f config/binary config/bootstrap config/chroot config/common config/source
+rm -f binary.log

File webdev-wheezy/auto/config

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+lb config noauto \
+	-b iso \
+	--apt-indices false \
+	--apt-recommends false \
+	--memtest none \
+	--iso-volume "WebDev" \
+	--iso-preparer "Kevin Veroneau" \
+	--iso-publisher "Kevin Veroneau Consulting" \
+	--bootappend-live "toram hostname=webdev" \
+	--archive-areas "main contrib non-free" \
+	"${@}"
+# Move this right below packages-lists and uncomment to enable the live system to work better with VirtualBox.
+#	--packages "virtualbox-ose-guest-x11" \

File webdev-wheezy/config/archives/deb-multimedia.key.chroot

Binary file added.

File webdev-wheezy/config/archives/deb-multimedia.list.chroot

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+deb http://sys1:9999/multimedia/ squeeze main non-free

File webdev-wheezy/config/archives/google-chrome.list.chroot

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+deb http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ stable main

File webdev-wheezy/config/hooks/eclipse.chroot

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+chown -R 1000:1000 /opt/eclipse
+ln -s /opt/eclipse/eclipse /usr/local/bin/eclipse

File webdev-wheezy/config/hooks/firefox.chroot

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+chown -R 1000:1000 /opt/firefox
+ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox /usr/local/bin/firefox

File webdev-wheezy/config/includes.chroot/etc/X11/icewm/preferences

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+LockCommand="xset dpms force off"
+ShutdownCommand="sudo halt"
+RebootCommand="sudo reboot"
+WorkspaceNames=" 1 ", " 2 ", " 3 ", " 4 "

File webdev-wheezy/config/includes.chroot/etc/X11/icewm/toolbar

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+prog XTerm xterm x-terminal-emulator
+prog "Firefox" iceweasel firefox
+prog "Xfe" xfe xfe
+prog "Eclipse" /opt/eclipse/icon.xpm eclipse

File webdev-wheezy/config/includes.chroot/etc/bash.bashrc

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+# System-wide .bashrc file for interactive bash(1) shells.
+# To enable the settings / commands in this file for login shells as well,
+# this file has to be sourced in /etc/profile.
+# If not running interactively, don't do anything
+[ -z "$PS1" ] && return
+# check the window size after each command and, if necessary,
+# update the values of LINES and COLUMNS.
+shopt -s checkwinsize
+# set variable identifying the chroot you work in (used in the prompt below)
+if [ -z "$debian_chroot" ] && [ -r /etc/debian_chroot ]; then
+    debian_chroot=$(cat /etc/debian_chroot)
+# set a fancy prompt (non-color, overwrite the one in /etc/profile)
+PS1='${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\u@\h:\w\$ '
+# Commented out, don't overwrite xterm -T "title" -n "icontitle" by default.
+# If this is an xterm set the title to user@host:dir
+#case "$TERM" in
+#    PROMPT_COMMAND='echo -ne "\033]0;${USER}@${HOSTNAME}: ${PWD}\007"'
+#    ;;
+#    ;;
+# enable bash completion in interactive shells
+if [ -f /etc/bash_completion ] && ! shopt -oq posix; then
+    . /etc/bash_completion
+# if the command-not-found package is installed, use it
+if [ -x /usr/lib/command-not-found -o -x /usr/share/command-not-found ]; then
+	function command_not_found_handle {
+	        # check because c-n-f could've been removed in the meantime
+                if [ -x /usr/lib/command-not-found ]; then
+		   /usr/bin/python /usr/lib/command-not-found -- $1
+                   return $?
+                elif [ -x /usr/share/command-not-found ]; then
+		   /usr/bin/python /usr/share/command-not-found -- $1
+                   return $?
+		else
+		   return 127
+		fi
+	}

File webdev-wheezy/config/includes.chroot/etc/hosts

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+	localhost webdev
+# The following lines are desirable for IPv6 capable hosts
+::1     ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
+fe00::0 ip6-localnet
+ff00::0 ip6-mcastprefix
+ff02::1 ip6-allnodes
+ff02::2 ip6-allrouters

File webdev-wheezy/config/includes.chroot/etc/skel/.icewm/theme

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File webdev-wheezy/config/includes.chroot/opt/README.txt

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+This directory should contain the following:
+eclipse/      -  The extracted Eclipse IDE files.
+firefox/      -  The extracted Firefox binary distribution
+python/       -  Several virtualenvs for Python development
+wallpaper.jpg -  Your favorite wallpaper which will be automatically set for the LiveDVDs desktop

File webdev-wheezy/config/includes.chroot/opt/wallpaper.jpg

New image

File webdev-wheezy/config/package-lists/chrome.list.chroot

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File webdev-wheezy/config/package-lists/icewm.list.chroot

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File webdev-wheezy/config/package-lists/minimal.list.chroot

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+eject file user-setup sudo

File webdev-wheezy/config/package-lists/standard-x11.list.chroot

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+xorg menu
+alsa-base alsa-utils

File webdev-wheezy/config/package-lists/standard.list.chroot

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+console-setup console-common kbd

File webdev-wheezy/config/package-lists/webdev.list.chroot

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File webdev-wheezy/config/preseed/passwd.cfg.chroot

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+debconf passwd/user-default-groups string audio cdrom dialout floppy video plugdev netdev powerdev fuse