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This is a toy CPU simulator I have been developing. I really enjoy the aspect of emulation and simulation of CPUs and tend to play with simh as a past time. This is my attempt at building a register-based CPU to play around with key concepts of machine code execution. It's very simple, nothing too advanced here. This will ultimately be used in my Hacker's Edge online game to allow players to create simulated viruses and worms.

Recent activity

Kevin Veroneau

Kevin Veroneau pushed 3 commits to kveroneau/simple-cpu

801e91d - Added new op-code to enable 16-bit memory locations for using larger binaries with the simulator.
19dcd68 - Updated 16-bit implementation to use a new Unit16 class.
9d66eda - Initial 16-bit support.
Kevin Veroneau

Commits by Kevin Veroneau were pushed to kveroneau/simple-cpu

1f36694 - Added CPU op-code Hooks to enable custom plugin classes to perform custom Python code when called from your binary image.
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