1. Kevin Veroneau
  2. simple-cpu


simple-cpu / coder-interface.txt

Simple CPU Simulator -- Command-line coder interface

The included coding interface is very simple, and takes op-codes.
From the coder interface, you can directly enter in op-codes, they are not executed, but are written to memory at the current pointer location.
The current pointer location is determined by the number on the prompt.
Besides op-codes, there are some special commands which you can use, including some macros:

  This will execute the current code in memory.
  If no parameter is given, it starts execution at the current pointer location.
  A macro, which uses the standard INT 3 to print a string to the screen.
  You should use "data" explained below for very long amounts of text.
  Sets the current CPU Memory pointer, or displays it if no parameter is specified.
  A handy debugging command which prints the byte at the current pointer location.
  Same as above, but increments the pointer as well.
  Save the current CPU Memory image as a 64 byte binary file.
  Parameter should be the filename to save it as.
  Loads a 64 byte binary file into the current CPU Memory, replacing the current data.
  Zeros out the entire CPU Memory and sets the pointer back to 0.
  Stores a string directly into CPU Memory at the current pointer location.
  Use with caution, as this can overrite code and crash the VM if used incorrectly.
  A handy debugging command for manually setting the current byte of the pointer location.
  A handy debugging command to set a breakpoint(yes, breakpoints work!)
  If no parameter is specified, the current pointer location is set as the breakpoint.
  Clear the previously set breakpoint.
  Exit the coder interface, and also dump the current CPU Memory to a binary file "dump".