simple-cpu / sample-interrupts.txt

Simple CPU Simulator -- Simple Int table:

All these software interrupts requires that "interrupt.bin" is loaded into memory,
and that the interrupt vector table is pointing to it's address in memory.

INT 5:
  CPU Memory copying routine.
  AX: source
  BX: destination
  CX: block size
INT 8:
  String compare routine.
  AX: memory address of string 1
  BX: memory address of string 2
  Returns CX: Returns 0 if string matches, otherwise returns difference.
INT 10:
  Reads a 0-terminated string of bytes from CPU memory and display it on the screen.
  AX: source
INT 12:
  Read raw input from the keyboard and store it in CPU Memory.
  AX: CPU Memory location to store text to.
  Returns CX: Length of string stored.