RuntimeError: Could not load METIS dll:

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Petros Aristidou
created an issue


Thanks for taking the time to make this wrapper! Really useful!

I tried installing it under Debian linux and it failed with this message: RuntimeError: Could not load METIS dll:

My steps: 1) downloaded metis-5.1.0.tar.gz 2) make config shared=1 --> successful 3) sudo make install --> successful 4) add export METIS_DLL=/usr/local/lib/ to my environment (I checked that the file /usr/local/lib/ was actually created) 5) run sudo easy_install metis or sudo pip install metis

Please let me know if I did something wrong.

Thanks in advance, Petros

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  1. Ken Watford repo owner

    The problem was that your METIS_DLL environment variable wasn't being passed into the sudo environment. I have modified the install procedure so that the DLL isn't checked for at install time.

    If your method of installation doesn't pick up the new version immediately, you can resolve this by doing:

    sudo -s  (and enter your password as usual)
    export METIS_DLL=/usr/local/lib/
    pip install metis
  2. Petros Aristidou reporter

    Thanks. It installed correctly, but I don't think the issue was sudo not seeing it because I added export METIS_DLL=/usr/local/lib/ to my /etc/bash.bashrc. So, it should be seen by root also.

    Anw, it now works!!! Thanks! :)

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