Kwame's GP32 Sprite Animation Test

This is a project made to understand more about how to blit 16 bit colour sprites on the GP32

Project Information:

  • Type of Project: Game Demo
  • Start Date: 2004
  • Project Status: VERY INACTIVE | DORMANT

Supported for:

  • SciTE (Main project support)
  • Any text editor which can call "make"

Libraries used:

  • GCC
  • devkitARM
  • Gamepark SDK (Official)

Project Planning

  • Trello Project Page | None


  • Made by Kwame Hagan
  • Makefile based of the "GP32 Core Makefile" by Christian Nowak, DJWillis and Oankali


This project is under the:

* Mozilla Public Licence, v. 2.0.