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rearranging some code

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 ; allow switching contexts in a function call. If it does one day, route defintions
 ; will be specified through a 'define-route' macro.
 (context MAIN)
-(new Route 'Route.Static) (context Route.Static)
+(new Route 'Route.Static) 
+(new Route 'Route.Resource)
+(context Route.Static)
 (define (matches?)
 	(set 'chunks (parse QUERY_STRING {[\?&]} 0))
-(context MAIN)
-(new Route 'Route.Resource) (context Route.Resource)
+(context Route.Resource)
 (define (matches?)
 	(when (regex {^([a-z]\w+)(/([a-z]\w+))?(/(\d+))?(\.([a-z]+))?} QUERY_STRING 1)


 ;  along with this program.  If not, see <>.
+(new Class 'Resource) ; nothing so far, but inherit for future compatibility
 (new Class 'Route)
-(context 'Route)
+(context Route)
 (define (matches?) nil)
 (define (run) nil)
-(context 'MAIN)
-(new Class 'Resource)
-; nothing so far.. but it's recommended to "inherit" from it anyway
-; for future possibilities...
+(context MAIN)
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