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Added an example page for using atom feeds with Dragonfly.

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File example-site/dragonfly-framework/plugins-active/dragonfly_basic.lsp

 				(replace " " contenthtml " ")
-					"<span class='atomFeedTitle'><a href='" (lookup '(link @ href) entry) "'>"(lookup 'title entry) "</a></span><br/>"
+					"<span class='atomFeedTitle'><a href='" (lookup '(link @ href) entry) "' rel='nofollow'>"(lookup 'title entry) "</a></span><br/>"
 					"<span class='atomFeedUpdated'>" (date dateseconds 0 "%a %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S") "</span> , <span class='atomFeedAuthor'>" (lookup '(author name) entry) "</span><br/><br/>"
 					contenthtml "<br/>"

File example-site/views/partials/navigation.html

 				<dd><% (link_to "Generate tables from lists" "dragonfly_tables") %></dd>
+				<dt>Feeds</dt>
+				<dd><% (link_to "How to read feeds from other websites" "dragonfly_feeds") %></dd>
 				<dd><% (link_to "Some simple AJAX calls" "dragonfly_ajax") %></dd>