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Greg Slepak  committed 2062a07

made DRAGONFLY_VERSION constants global

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 ; DF is a convenient shorthand to the Dragonfly context
 (constant (global 'DF) Dragonfly)
+(constant (global 'DRAGONFLY_MAJOR) 0)
+(constant (global 'DRAGONFLY_MINOR) 60)
+(constant (global 'DRAGONFLY_VERSION) (format "Version %d.%d" DRAGONFLY_MAJOR DRAGONFLY_MINOR))
 ; make sure these two are defined
 (if-not DOCUMENT_ROOT (throw-error "Environment variable DOCUMENT_ROOT missing!"))
 ; !Public Constants and Variables
-; These are some of the few constants that we'll have outside of env
-(constant 'DRAGONFLY_MAJOR 0)
-(constant 'DRAGONFLY_MINOR 60)
 ;; @syntax STDOUT
 ;; This is the buffer that contains the content that will get written
 ;; to STDOUT if no errors are thrown. 'MAIN:print' and 'MAIN:println'