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ignored pxm files and some comment fixes...

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File example-site/dragonfly-framework/dragonfly.lsp

 (define (matches?)
 	(set 'chunks (parse QUERY_STRING "?"))
-	(if (empty? chunks) (push DF:DEFAULT_VIEW chunks))
-	; a "double-set" for STATIC_TRANSFORMATIONS + code readability
+	(if (empty? chunks)
+		(push DF:DEFAULT_VIEW chunks))
 	(set 'path (set 'DF:_ (first chunks)))
 	(if (set 'ext (exists (curry ends-with path) DF:STATIC_TRIGGER_EXTENSIONS))

File example-site/dragonfly-framework/lib/classes.lsp

 (new Class 'Resource)
-; nothing so far.. but it's recommend to "inherit" from it anyway
+; nothing so far.. but it's recommended to "inherit" from it anyway
 ; for future possibilities...