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Greg Slepak  committed 7c7ea42

fixed Response:cookie for key

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   * db/database_sqlite3 updated to version 1.2 (see its docs for what's new)
   * fixed Jeff's JSON.lsp plugin (switched to " instead of ' for strings)
   * fixed bug in definition of define-smacro
+  * Response:cookie now returns correct value (full cookie as list) when given only key
 Version 0.6

File example-site/dragonfly-framework/lib/response.lsp

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 	(local (value expires path domain http-only)
 		(map (fn(k v) (if v (set k v))) '(value expires path domain http-only) $args)
 		(if (nil? key) cookies
-			(empty? $args) (lookup key cookies)
+			(empty? $args) (assoc key cookies)
 			(nil? value) (cookie key "" (date-value))
 			(let (cookie (list key value expires path domain http-only))
 				(if (assoc key cookies)