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File example-site/dragonfly-framework/dragonfly.lsp

 	(string WEB_ROOT path)
+(define (include)
+	(print (read-file (apply string $args)))
 (define (view-path viewname)
 	(string VIEWS_PATH "/" viewname (if VIEW_EXTENSION VIEW_EXTENSION ""))

File example-site/views/dragonfly_welcome

 		<p>Dragonfly requires the following to work:</p>
 			<li>newLISP v10.1 or greater.</li>
-			<li>For magic redirection Apache web server is required.</li>
+			<li>For magic redirection Apache web server is recommended.</li>
 		<p>If you meet those requirements, great! If you're using a custom web server, you might want to setup your own redirection script based on the .htaccess file.

File example-site/views/welcome

 		<p class="extract">Dragonfly is a <b>web framework for newLISP</b>. Development started in June 2009. It focuses on <b>speed</b>, small memory consumption and a <b>small learning curve</b>. Other goodies are a plug and play architecture for writing own helpers or modules and a very <b>easy deployment</b>. It's possible to use it with the builtin newLISP webserver.
 		<h2>Ten reasons for tasting Dragonfly...</h2>
 			<li>You like newLISP</li>