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-		<p class="extract">blah blah</p>
+		<p class="extract">You can extend and modify Dragonfly's behavior through the use of plugins.</p>
-			blah blah.
+			There are two types of plugins, those in the <b>plugins-active</b> folder, and those in the <b>plugins-inactive</b> folder. The ones in the former are loaded when <span class="code">listener</span> is called, prior to running the routes. Every .lsp file in the <b>plugins-active</b> folder is loaded at that point, so you'll only want your most frequently used files in there.
+		<h2>Active Plugins</h2>
+		<p>
+			A good example of an active plugin is a <%(link_to "custom route" "dragonfly_create_routes")%>. A small library of frequently used functions would also be something that makes sense to turn into an "always active" plugin.
+		</p>
+		<h2>Inactive Plugins</h2>
+		<p>
+			Inactive plugins are simply those that should be loaded on a "need to use" basis. Most plugins will probably fall into this category. Use <span class="code">DF:activate-plugin</span> to load them. All plugins are loaded exactly once, no matter how many times <span class="code">activate-plugin</span> is called on them.
+		</p>
+		<h2>Getting Plugins</h2>
+		<p>
+			Modules make for excellent plugins! There's a <a href="">list</a> of available modules on newLISP's site. Watch this space for Dragonfly specific plugins as they become available.
+		</p>
+		<p>
+			If you have a plugin you'd like to contribute, let us know on the <a href="">newLISP forums</a>!
+		</p>
 		<div class="line-dotted"></div>
 		<% (benchmark-result) %>


 		<h3 class="param">VIEW_EXTENSION</h3>
 		<p>Default value: <span class="code"><b>".html"</b></span></p>
+		<p>
+			Used by one of the transformations in <span class="code">Route.Static</span> so that a request to <span class="code">/welcome</span> loads the file <span class="code">/views/welcome.html</span>.
+		</p>
 		<p class="continue"><% (link_to "CONTINUE &raquo;" "dragonfly_plugins") %></p>
 		<div class="clear"></div>
 		<div class="line-dotted"></div>
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