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 ; location of views (for use with 'display-view' function)
-(constant 'VIEWS_PATH (string DOCUMENT_ROOT "/views"))
 ; location of partials (for use with 'display-partial' function)
 (constant 'PARTIALS_PATH (string DOCUMENT_ROOT "/views/partials"))
 ; setting a default view (sans file extension)
 (constant 'DEFAULT_VIEW "welcome")
 ; used by 'display-view' to save you keystrokes and by the static routing.
-(constant 'VIEW_EXTENSION ".html")
+(constant 'VIEW_EXTENSION ".nhtml")
 ; Static Route Configuration
 ; the entire route matches and the file is passed through the template evaluator,
 ; otherwise it will not match and defer to the other handler(s).
-	(string DOCUMENT_ROOT "/" _ "/index.html")
-	(string VIEWS_PATH "/" _)
+	; (string DOCUMENT_ROOT "/" _ "/index.html")
+	(if (ends-with _ VIEW_EXTENSION) (string VIEWS_PATH "/" _) "")
+	; (begin (set 'viewname _) (string VIEWS_PATH "/" _ VIEW_EXTENSION))
 ; set to nil to disable the RESTful handler
-(constant 'ENABLE_RESTFUL_HANDLER true)
 ; location of RESTful resources
 (constant 'RESOURCES_PATH (string DOCUMENT_ROOT "/resources"))
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