Greg Slepak avatar Greg Slepak committed e24c54f

added a CGI-like route. it's in the inactive plugins folder.

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   * improved windows compatibility by creating /tmp if necessary
   * improved the 'load-once' function (load replacement)
   * added new add-to-load-path and wrap-func functions to utils.lsp
+  * added CGI-like route to the inactive plugins. Move to the active
+    active plugins folder if you want to use it.
 Version 0.51


+;; @author Greg Slepak
+(new Route 'Route.CGI)
+(context Route.CGI)
+(constant 'CGI_EXTENSION ".nl")
+(define (matches?)
+	(set 'chunks (parse QUERY_STRING "?"))
+	(and (not (empty? chunks))
+		(ends-with (set 'path (first chunks)) CGI_EXTENSION)
+		(file? path)
+	)
+(define (run)
+	(load path)
+	(DF:send-and-exit)
+; add the route to the end of the list of routes
+(push (Route.CGI) DF:dragonfly-routes -1)
+(context MAIN)
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