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fixed api browser on apache

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 		<div id="api-browser">&nbsp</div>
 		<script type="text/javascript">
 			(function api_browse(path, anchor) {
-				$.post("/?dragonfly_ajax-api", "path=" + path,
+				$.post("%s", "path=" + path,
 					function (data) {
 						$("#api-browser a").click(function () {
-		[/text] path)
+		[/text] (web-root "dragonfly_ajax-api" true) path)


 (let (path ($POST "path"))
 	; security check! make sure they ain't asking
 	; for something they shouldn't be asking for!
-	(log-info "path: " path)
-	(log-info "our path: " (real-path))
 	(if (and (find "../api-docs/" path) (ends-with path ".html"))
 		(include path)
 		(die "bad path: " path)
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