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<p><a href="index.html">Module index</a></p><br/><h2>Module:&nbsp;database_utils</h2><p>Utilities for grabbing data out of a DF.DB</p>
<b>Version: </b>1.0<br/>
<b>Author: </b>Greg Slepak<br/>
 <p>This file provides a convenience layer above the <tt>DF.DB</tt> and <tt>DF.SQL</tt> basic spec for fetching data.</p>
 <p>All of the functions in this file are declared as global functions!</p>

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<a name="_cast-if"></a><h3><font color=#CC0000>cast-if</font></h3>
<b>syntax: (<font color=#CC0000>cast-if</font> <em>fn-test</em> <em>to</em> <em>from</em>)</b><br/>
 <p>Equivalent to: <tt>(if (fn-test from) to from)</tt></p>
 <p>This is a useful function when you want to ensure that certain "empty" values get
 mapped to something else, for example if you want to make sure that you adds NULLs instead
 of empty strings to a column you'd use it like this:</p>
 <pre> (cast-if null? nil value)</pre>

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<a name="_for-query-with-db"></a><h3><font color=#CC0000>for-query-with-db</font></h3>
<b>syntax: (<font color=#CC0000>for-query-with-db</font> <em>ctx-db</em> <em>str-query</em> [<em>body...</em>])</b><br/>
 <p>This macro is useful for writing templates, say for example to display a table of data, or simply
 to iterate over a set of results. It takes an SQL query string and then a body.
 All of the column names from the SQL result are available for use in the
 body as uppercase labels, which are then substituted with their values.</p>
 <pre> &lt;table&gt;
 	&lt;tr class="header"&gt;&lt;td&gt;ID&lt;/td&gt;&lt;td&gt;Name&lt;/td&gt;&lt;td&gt;Age&lt;/td&gt;&lt;/tr&gt;
 	&lt;% (for-query-with-db db "SELECT rowid,name,age FROM people" %&gt;
 	&lt;% ) %&gt;
 <p>This function requires <b>newLISP version >= 10.1.11</b>.</p>

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<a name="_fn-query-with-db"></a><h3><font color=#CC0000>fn-query-with-db</font></h3>
<b>syntax: (<font color=#CC0000>fn-query-with-db</font> <em>ctx-db</em> <em>str-query</em> <em>func</em> [<em>list-params</em>])</b><br/>
 <p>This function is similar to <tt>for-query-with-db</tt> except that instead of taking
 a body directly, you pass in a function <tt>func</tt> that takes a single argument&mdash;the
 results as an association list&mdash;which contains the body that will be executed
 for each of the rows. Additionally, this function allows you to use queries safely
 with a <tt>WHERE</tt> clause by supplying parameters through <tt>list-params</tt>.</p>
 <pre> &lt;table&gt;
 	&lt;tr class="header"&gt;&lt;td&gt;ID&lt;/td&gt;&lt;td&gt;Name&lt;/td&gt;&lt;td&gt;Age&lt;/td&gt;&lt;/tr&gt;
 	&lt;% (fn-query-with-db db "SELECT rowid,name,age FROM people WHERE age < ?" (fn (row) %&gt;
 			&lt;td&gt;&lt;%=(&lt;- "rowid" row)%&gt;&lt;/td&gt;
 			&lt;td&gt;&lt;%=(&lt;- "name" row)%&gt;&lt;/td&gt;
 			&lt;td&gt;&lt;%=(&lt;- "age" row)%&gt;&lt;/td&gt;
 	&lt;% ) '(25)) %&gt;

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<a name="_assoc-row-with-db"></a><h3><font color=#CC0000>assoc-row-with-db</font></h3>
<b>syntax: (<font color=#CC0000>assoc-row-with-db</font> <em>ctx-db</em> <em>str-query</em> [<em>list-params</em>])</b><br/>
<p><b>return: </b>An association list representing a single row where the keys are the column names and the values are the values for that column</p>
<b>example:</b><blockquote><pre> (assoc-row-with-db db "SELECT name,age FROM people WHERE age &lt; ?" '(25))
 ;=&gt; (("name" "Sally") ("age" 12))</pre></blockquote>
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<a name="_assoc-rows-with-db"></a><h3><font color=#CC0000>assoc-rows-with-db</font></h3>
<b>syntax: (<font color=#CC0000>assoc-rows-with-db</font> <em>ctx-db</em> <em>str-query</em> [<em>list-params</em>])</b><br/>
 <p>Like <tt>assoc-row-with-db</tt> except returns multiple association lists for all the returned rows.</p>

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<a name="_query-cell-with-db"></a><h3><font color=#CC0000>query-cell-with-db</font></h3>
<b>syntax: (<font color=#CC0000>query-cell-with-db</font> <em>ctx-db</em> <em>str-query</em> [<em>list-params</em>])</b><br/>
<p><b>return: </b>The exact value at a specific row/column or <tt>nil</tt> if not found.</p>

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