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<p><a href="index.html">Module index</a></p><br/><h2>Module:&nbsp;database_orm</h2><p>DB.OBJ - Simple ORM class for DF.DB</p>
<b>Version: </b>1.0<br/>
<b>Author: </b>Greg Slepak<br/>
 <p>To accomplish this, the interface introduces three Objective newLISP classes:
 <tt>DF.DB</tt>, <tt>DF.SQL</tt>, and <tt>DF.BLOB</tt>.</p>
 A <tt>DF.SQL</tt> object is a wrapper around an SQL statement, is retrieved through one of
 two functions: <tt>DF.DB:execute-query</tt> and the lower-level <tt>DF.DB:preprare-sql</tt>.
 <p>It is used to retrieve rows from the result set of a query one-by-one.</p>
 (push-autorelease-pool) ; we<tt>re going to be using DF.BLOB</tt>s.
 (setf db (instantiate Sqlite3 ":memory:"))
 (if-not db (throw-error "couldn't open db"))
 (db:execute-update "CREATE TABLE fish (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, name TEXT, weight REAL, blah BLOB)")
 (db:execute-update "INSERT INTO fish (name,weight) VALUES (?,?)" '("flipper" 234.123))
 (db:execute-update "INSERT INTO fish (name,weight) VALUES (?1,?2)" '(("?1" "catfish") ("?2" 100.3)))
 (db:execute-update "INSERT INTO fish (blah) VALUES (?)" (list (DF.BLOB (dup "\000" 10))))
 (db:execute-update "INSERT INTO fish (blah) VALUES (:cat)" (list (list ":cat" (DF.BLOB (dup "\000" 10)))))
 (setf sql (db:execute-query "SELECT * FROM fish"))
 (do-while (list? row)
     (push-autorelease-pool) ; "in case" we end up fetching a lot of large blobs
     (setf row (sql:next-row))
     (println "row: " row)
 (deallocate sql)
 (deallocate db)
 (pop-autorelease-pool) ; deallocate the blobs we created</pre>
 <h3>Version history</h3>
 <b>1.0</b> &bull; initial release

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