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<p><a href="index.html">Module index</a></p><br/><h2>Module:&nbsp;database_sqlite3</h2><p>SQLite3 subclass of DF.DB. Only lists Sqlite3 specific functions.</p>
<b>Version: </b>1.2<br/>
<b>Author: </b>Greg Slepak <br/>
<b>Location: </b><a href=""></a><br/>
 <h3>Features not found in newLISP's sqlite3.lsp:</h3>
 <li>Multiple connections</li>
 <li>Multiple active SQL statements</li>
 <li>Supports reuse of SQL statements through parameter rebinding</li>
 <li>Supports BLOB data-type as per <tt>DF.DB</tt> and <tt>DF.BLOB</tt> specification</li>
 <li>Supports <tt>true</tt> by converting it to value 1 (as integer)</li>
 <li>Conforms to generic <tt>DF.DB</tt> interface</li>
 <li>Grabs integers directly through 64-bit function</li>
 <li>Can go through results row-by-row</li>
 <li>Allows specification of custom sqlite3 library page with <tt>SQLITE3_LIBRARY_PATH</tt></li>
 <li>Uses the latest Sqlite3 library functions if they are available</li>
 <li>Better error handling</li>
 See module <a href="">DF.DB</a> for requirements.
 <h3>Version history</h3>
 <b>1.2.0</b> &bull; temporary fix for handling of floats, sqlite3 functions globally for speed, binding <tt>true</tt> is handled as 1
 <b>1.1.2</b> &bull; fixed a bug in <tt>get-string-cast</tt> and implemented <tt>DF.SQL:col-name</tt>
 <b>1.1.1</b> &bull; improved readability in error logging, fixed binding of integers on 32-bit newlisp builds<br/>
 <b>1.1.0</b> &bull; support for <tt>DF.BLOB</tt><br/>
 <b>1.0.0</b> &bull; initial release

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<a name="_Sqlite3"></a><h3><font color=#CC0000>Sqlite3</font></h3>
<b>syntax: Sqlite3</b><br/>
 <p>Represents a connection to an SQLite3 database. Create one like so:</p>
 <pre>(instantiate Sqlite3 [<em>str-filepath</em> [<em>flags</em> [<em>vfs-module</em>]]])</pre>
 <p>If <em>str-filepath</em> is specified a connected instance will be returned or <tt>nil</tt>
 upon failure to connect. If they are not specified then an unconnected instance
 will be returned.</p>
 <p><b>see:</b> documentation for <tt>Sqlite3:open</tt> for an explanation of the parameters.</p>

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<a name="Sqlite3_open"></a><h3><font color=#CC0000>Sqlite3:open</font></h3>
<b>syntax: (<font color=#CC0000>Sqlite3:open</font> <em>str-filepath</em> [<em>flags</em> [<em>vfs-module</em>]])</b><br/>
 <p><em>str-filepath</em> specifies the path to the sqlite3 database, but it can also be
 ":memory:" to indicate an in-memory database.</p>
 <p><em>flags</em> and <em>vfs-module</em> are optional parameters as defined in the sqlite
 reference <a href="">documentation</a> for
 <tt>sqlite3_open_v2</tt>. Your installation of sqlite3 may need to be updated for this to be available.</p>
 <p>For return values see <tt>DF.DB:open</tt>.</p>

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<a name="Sqlite3_set-timeout"></a><h3><font color=#CC0000>Sqlite3:set-timeout</font></h3>
<b>syntax: (<font color=#CC0000>Sqlite3:set-timeout</font> <em>int-ms</em>)</b><br/>
 <p>Sets the sqlite3's busy timeout for this connection in milliseconds.</p>
 <p>By default the timeout is set to 30 seconds.</p>
<p><b>return: </b>nil or non-nil on success</p>

 TODO: figure out how to do this properly, test on a bunch of different architectures
       for bind-float it may actually be the opposite (string for 32, double for 64)

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