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<a href="smtp.lsp.html"><br/><h2>Module:&nbsp;smtp.lsp </h2></a>
<p>Send mail using SMTP protocol</p>
<a href="smtp.lsp.html#SMTP_send-mail">send-mail</a>&nbsp; &nbsp; <a href="smtp.lsp.html#SMTP_get-error-text">get-error-text</a>&nbsp; &nbsp; <a href="smtp.lsp.html#SMTP_clear-attachments">clear-attachments</a>&nbsp; &nbsp; <a href="smtp.lsp.html#SMTP_attach-document">attach-document</a>&nbsp; &nbsp; <a href="smtp.lsp.html#SMTP_encode64-widthsafe">encode64-widthsafe</a>&nbsp; &nbsp; <a href="smtp.lsp.html#SMTP_encode64-line">encode64-line</a>&nbsp; &nbsp; 
<br/><br/><center>- &part; -</center><br/>
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generated with <a href="http://newlisp.org">newLISP</a>&nbsp;
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