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XmppFlask is easy to use XMPP framework that is inspired (heavily) by Flask. It is intended to be as easy to use as Flask itself is.


XmppFlask is easy to start with

The main idea is to make you happy with writing small jabber bots. Like this:

from xmppflask import XmppFlask
app = XmppFlask(__name__)

def ping():
    return u'pong'

Source Code

Source code is available via bitbucket


It's in status of ideal suitability for "use and help polishing it", since some obvious improvements could be done.


Original author is Konstantine Rybnikov. Current main developer is Alexander Shorin

Great thanks to contributors:

Feel free to be the next one.


Join us at jabber conference for discussions. Homepage is located at

Where to go next?

Go to the docs.

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