A music tracker for making Atari VCS 2600 music on the PC, including a new sound routine for the VCS. Current version: 1.3

(c) 2016-2017 by Andre "Kylearan" Wichmann (


VCS sound routine features:

  • Up to 7 melodic and 15 percussion instruments
  • ADSR envelopes for volume and frequency for melodic instruments
  • "Overlay" percussion which will play the next melodic notes immediately
  • Arbitrary and variable pattern lengths individual for each channel
  • An option for different tempo values for odd and even rows ("Funkspeed")
  • An option to have different tempo values per pattern instead of global tempo
  • Highly optimized and configurable replayer routine
  • Richly documented source code, including specifications for all data structures

Tracker features:

  • Graphical representation for available notes per waveform and how off-tune they are
  • Customizable pitch guides optimizing the number of in-tune notes
  • Graphical editors for melodic and percussion instruments
  • Integrated pattern editor and sequencer
  • Timeline "mini map" displaying the pattern sequences
  • Sound emulation from the Stella emulator for playback
  • Export to dasm, k65 and .csv

For feedback, bug reports and feature requests, send a mail to!

Compiling from source

You need Qt5 and SDL to build TIATracker from source. Open the project in Qt Creator and add a "make install" build step to the project, then compile it.