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This documentation can be read in HTML : http://kyoku57.org/dev/loform.briefing/

Installation of LoForm Briefing Tools

Production version

On Unix/Linux system


Recommanded to install it in a virtualenv but not a obligation.


be sure that you're pip is up-to-date

$ pip install pip -U

To install loform_briefing_tools

$ pip install -f http://pypi.kyoku57.org loform.briefing

or update

$ pip install -f http://pypi.kyoku57.org loform.briefing -U

To quickly launch app, just go in your data directory and launch app:

$ cd /path/my_data_directory
$ loform_briefing_tools

Other Way is to indicate data-directory at launch:

$ loform_briefing_tools --data-directory=/my_path/my_data_directory

To see help, enter:

$ loform_briefing_tools --help
Usage: loform_briefing_tools [options]

LoForm Briefing Tools

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p PORT, --port=PORT  Define the port of web server
  -H HOST, --host=HOST  Define the host listener of web server
  -d DATA_DIRECTORY, --data-directory=DATA_DIRECTORY
                        Define the directory for scanning data
  -P PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
                        Define the password for admin access

Briefing is available at http://localhost:8080

You can access admin panel controler at http://localhost:8080/admin/your_password

your_password should be the same that you define at launch with options

With the admin panel, you can control what the audience see.

On Windows system

Not available for know

Development version

Get the developpement version from Bitbucket:

$ mkdir briefing
$ cd briefing
$ hg clone http://bitbucket.org/kyoku57/loform_briefing_tools

Configure your repository with .hg/hgrc:

default = http://bitbucket.org/kyoku57/loform_briefing_tools

username = Your Name <your@mail>

Prepare your environnement and install packages:

$ virtualenv env --no-site-packages
$ source env/bin/activate
(env)$ cd loform_brefing_tools
(env)$ python setup.py develop

If you need an update of your version, in your loform_briefing_tools directory:

$ hg pull
$ hg update
(env)$ python setup.py develop

Launch app:

(env)$ loform_briefing_tools

To quickly tests with known datas, you can launch loform_briefing_tools from the tests/datas directory and play Direct. You should see five ScreenShot with numbers inside.

See production version for details