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Issue Tracker items: #5 #6

  • Issue 5:
    Make a paper corpus for metabolic pathways curation.
    Use Juancarlos' sentence saver to start building up the library and making categories.
  • Issue 6:
    Make categories for metabolic pathways curation.
    • Metabolite category
    • Key words: metabolites, catabolic, anabolic, biosynthesis, biosynthetic, degradation
    • GO EC mappings

Overviews of metabolic pathways in C. elegans and related nematodes for the public
Tasks: Work with Xiaoqui to get .pf formatted files from each WS release and for each genome. Make MySQL for curated data Set up pipeline to make BioPax, .pf and .dat files for public access
BioCyc pgdb, Reactome, WikiPathways