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ky_wbprojects / Molecule

Web display

XREF displays

  • use Public_name not Name
  • hover over should open box with links to other websites based on URL constructors and link to WBMolecule page

Molecule name

  • need to have links to other databases
  • display all XREFs

Molecule Model

?Molecule     Name ?Text
 	       Public_name ?Text
 	       Synonym ?Text
 	       DB_info Database ?Database ?Database_field ?Accession_number 
                Gene_regulation Gene_regulator ?Gene_regulation XREF Molecule_regulator 
 	      Affects_phenotype_of 	Variation ?Variation  #Evidence
 					Strain	?Strain	#Evidence
 					Transgene ?Transgene #Evidence
 					RNAi ?RNAi #Evidence

Corresponding changes in touched models
 ?Phenotype_info    Affected_by  Molecule  ?Molecule    #Evidence
 ?Gene_regulation  Regulator Molecule_regulator   ?Molecule  XREF  Gene_regulator  #Boolean