GOKZ SourceMod Plugins (CS:GO)

GOKZ a set of SourceMod plugins exclusively for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive servers. It implements the KZ (Kreedz) game mode, which involves speedrunning through custom maps.


  • Timer - Times runs by automatically detecting the use of start and end buttons in KZ maps.
  • Movement Modes - Custom movement mechanics. Includes Vanilla, SimpleKZ, and KZTimer modes.
    • Mode plugins can be used alone (with only MovementAPI) to apply their mechanics at all times.
  • Jumpstats - Detailed statistics of your jumps and each individual air strafe.
  • Customisable Experience - Tonnes of options to provide the best possible experience for players.
  • Database Support - Store run times, options and more using either a MySQL or SQLite database.
  • GlobalAPI Support - Submit run times to the GlobalAPI so that players may compete across servers.
  • Replays - Record replays of the server's fastest times and use bots to play them back.
  • Anti-Macro - Detect and auto-ban blatant users of bhop macros and cheats (SourceBans++ supported).
  • Map bonus support, HUD, teleport menu, noclip, !goto, !measure and much, much more.

For more information about what each plugin does, please see


Server Requirements


  • Ensure your server is up to date and meets the above requirements.
  • Download and extract from Downloads to csgo.
  • Add a MySQL or SQLite database called gokz to csgo/addons/sourcemod/configs/databases.cfg.

When the plugins first load, various configuration files will be auto-generated and can be found in csgo/cfg/sourcemod/gokz.

Use the !updatemappool or sm_updatemappool in console to populate the ranked map pool with those in csgo/cfg/sourcemod/gokz/mappool.cfg.


  • Download and extract from Downloads to csgo.


Please see for a list of player and admin commands.


To add a timer button to a map, use a func_button with a specific name.

  • Start button is named climb_startbutton.
  • End button is named climb_endbutton.
  • Bonus start buttons are named climb_bonusX_startbutton where X is the bonus number.
  • Bonus end buttons are named climb_bonusX_endbutton where X is the bonus number.

TIP - Enable both the Don't move and Toggle flags to easily avoid any usability issues.


All contributions are greatly appreciated! If you are interested, please see for more details.


  • DanZay - Initial Work, Maintenance, Management - Steam
  • KZTimerGlobal Team - Continuing Development - BitBucket

Official Wiki

Steam Group

CS:GO KZ Discord