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This mode was created by DanZay. It aims to be an alternative to KZTimer that addresses issues some players have with it. Most prominently, it does not allow you to maintain nearly as much speed when bunnyhopping.

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Bunnyhop Speed Formula

This is the formula used to calculate the resulting speed of perfect bunnyhops:

resulting speed = 0.2 * landing speed + 200 only when landing speed >= 250

This formula limits your bunnyhop speed along flat ground to be around the same as the maximum prestrafe speed (so around 276 u/s) unless you're a god strafer or a cheater.


Prestrafe allows you to exceed the normal 250 u/s speed cap. Prestrafing before you jump to increase your starting airspeed is a fundamental part of KZ.

In SimpleKZ, you prestrafe simply by turning with the mouse while moving. The maximum speed you can reach is 276.54 u/s. As long as you are turning fast enough and for long enough, you will reach the cap.

If you don't like formulas, just know that you will want to turn 90 degrees per second or faster! Simple, right?

How fast is 90 degrees per second? Not that fast. Counter-Strike 1.6 required you to turn at 120 degrees per second in order to achieve maximum prestrafe speeds.

So, how does it work?

You can think about your speed above 250 u/s as being "bonus" speed. This means that the maximum "bonus" speed is 26.54 u/s. Each tick you are moving and turning, you are awarded "bonus" speed depending on how fast you turn and how fast you are currently moving.

Bonus Speed Reward Formula (per Tick)

bonus = 0.35 u/s * (current speed without bonus / 250) * (turn rate in degrees per second / 90)

Your bonus speed is also capped by a very similar formula.

Bonus Speed Cap Formula

bonus cap = 26.54 u/s * (current speed without bonus / 250) * (turn rate in degrees per second / 90)

Important notes about the formulae...

  • The turn rate used in the formulae is limited to 90 degrees per second.
    • This makes turning faster than 90 degrees per second not yield additional reward.
  • The turn rate used in the formulae is never less than the turn rate used in the formulae last tick minus 2 degrees per second.
    • This makes you lose bonus speed gradually rather than immediately when you stop turning as fast.

Bonus speed is reset if you change the direction you are turning.

Finally, bonus speed also decays while in the air at a rate of 0.2824 u/s per tick. This makes weirdjumps viable but prevents prestrafe being carried through standing bunnyhops along flat ground (94 ticks air time).

0.2824 u/s per tick = 26.54 u/s / 94 ticks