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Configurable properties

NetPro supplies two java property files, both under ./config/:



Using this file, you can make the log entries more or less verbose, if you deem that necessary, and control that by package or by class.

You can disable logfile generation (method stat reports will still be written):

handlers = net.l2emuproject.util.logging.ConsoleLog$Handler,\


Despite the naming, you cannot configure the proxy server itself here. It has moved to serviceconfig.xml.

However, you can still tune the proxy's I/O multiplexer here, if you want to allocate more (or less) CPU time to proxy.

If you want to ensure minimal possible latency, use

PacketIOIntervalForGameClients = 1
PacketIOIntervalForGameServers = 1

If you want to make login more responsive, decrease PacketIOIntervalForLoginClients and PacketIOIntervalForLoginServers.

If you are going to log in and out very often (read: multiple characters, roughly every second), consider decreasing ConnectionInterval properties. You may also want to do the same if your latency to the auth/game server is in the order of seconds.

If you want to reduce NetPro's use of your CPU time, consider using PacketIOIntervalForGameClients and PacketIOIntervalForGameServers of at least 10. However, on modern CPUs, even 1 should not give you any notable CPU usage (read: should never exceed single digit percentage).

DisableScriptCache is a convenient thing if you are going to change scripts often, because single-script load capability in GUI does not rebuild the precompiled script cache.

MMOCoreDebug is a simplified synchronous MMOCore operation logging. I have no idea why you would ever need to enable it. And yes, it comes with a serious performance penalty.

NoTabsForLoginConnections is rather self-explanatory. If enabled, you will not see any login tabs in the GUI. You are still allowed to open LS packet log files.

PacketLogLoadCpuYieldThreshold and PacketLogLoadCpuYieldDuration can help reduce (and/or stop) system stuttering when opening large packet log files on old systems. Of course, the log files will take longer to load (read speed decrease will depend on values you choose).


This property file is designed as a convenient alternative for managing your configuration. This file is pre-added to .gitignore and its property values will be loaded after other configuration files have been loaded.

Of course, if you don't intend on making commits, then this file is of no real use.