= MyExt64 =

== What is MyExt64 ==
MyExt64 is opensource extender for l2off Gracia Final server
(l2server_l2off_gracia_final_83). It uses some knowledge from OSIE extender,
MXC extender, Vanganth extender and maybe other extenders.

== Features ==
 * Supports protocols 83 (Gracia Final) and 152 (Gracia Epilogue update 1)
 * Protocol 87 (Gracia Final update 1) should be working but is not tested
 * Supports Gracia Epilogue skill enchanting
 * Supports Gracia Epilogue buy/sell
 * Supports Gracia Epilogue script and AI functions
 * Implements Gracia Epilogue Refund feature
 * Implements Gracia Epilogue Mail System
 * Almost full Epilogue support - missing just 40 max quests instead of 26 and Command Channel Matching feature
 * Bunch of bugfixes (some of them ported from other extenders)
 * Voice commands - offline trade, experience gain on/off, server time, online player count, autoloot
 * Configurable item enchant (safe/chances)
 * Custom drop/spoil rate algorithm
 * Custom event drop algorithm (flat chance based)
 * Players in the same command channel are treated as allies
 * Configurable max level for main/subclass
 * Global shout/trade
 * Vitality multiplier
 * Configurable clan restriction (penalties)
 * Configurable buff slot count + max divine inspiration bonus
 * Configurable vitality level ranges
 * Configurable autoloot system
 * First extender that ever supported Raising Rudoplh Christmas Event ;)
 * Running successfully on for 15 months (as of January 2018)
 * Full AI compiler included

== How to use it ==
If you're not familiar with l2off, it will probably require learning
some stuff (MXC forum is a good start).

To just use the last stable build, download MyExt64.dll and copy it to your server folder:

Also copy MyExt64.ini from server folder in this repository to your server folder.

Add MyExt64.dll to import table of all three server binaries and add call to DllMain.

== How to build it ==
You should get Visual Studio 2005 WITH SP1. It's possible to build it on some newer Visual Studio,
but you'll have to create Visual Studio 2005 SP1 toolkit.

MyExt64 has no external dependencies and requires only standard libraries
for Windows development.