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Big Ass Spider! Full Movie Hd Download


Foo A giant alien spider escapes from a military lab and rampage the city of Los Angeles. When a massive military strike fails, it is up to a team of scientists and one clever exterminator to kill the creature before the city is destroyed. I have to say, out of 10 stars, a 7 is a good honest rating in my opinion as this was created by Mike Mendez and being the Beavis &amp; Butthead director and storyline projector he created yet another experience on the screen which made me laugh out loud often and smile at partially funny scenes.<br/><br/>Want a good quality comedy which is so non-serious, its a good film? See Big Assed Spider! If the title hasn&#39;t made you smile, then perhaps documentaries about watching grass grow is more exciting for you.<br/><br/>This movie fits into the categories of films such as: Very bad things (Dark comedy), Serial Mom (Dark comedy), South Park, The movie (Comedy). Not a Bad Homage to the Big Bug Movies of the Fifties. The CGI is OK and there are some Surprisingly Gory Kills for a PG-13. This Sci-Fi Comedy is kind of Shoddy though and it Relies Heavily on the Two Leads Comedic Banter, with One a Determined &quot;Professional Exterminator&quot; who Loves His Job and is Stern Faced Serious, He is Contrasted with a Latino Partner that seems to be Channeling a Cheech and Chong Record.<br/><br/>But there is Enough going on with the Big Bug that keeps things on the Go and it is Entertaining Enough on the Whole to Recommend. Nothing is Outstanding, just Pedestrian and will most Likely Satisfy Fans of this Type while Casual Viewers Slumming in the B-Movie Market will be Ripe to Rip it to Shreds. Either Way it is Rewarding if not Completely Satisfying. The movie has a fan's heart, a sense of loving every goofball moment, but as directed by Mike Mendez it also seems perpetually caught between being a spoof or playing it straight and winds up falling between the cracks rather than rising above. This film is about a female mother spider (I believe it is a black widow species spider) that grows and grows. It is exciting and very entertaining for a non-serious comedy, if that is your taste. 646f9e108c

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