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na-online_ow-toolbox / FieldTrip Buffer Server on Neuromag Linux

FieldTrip Buffer Server on Neuromag Linux

WARNING: Be careful when modifying the production system!

In Short

  1. Create folder na-online and na-online/fieldtrip in home
  2. Get FieldTrip Buffer
  3. Start neuromag2ft
  4. May re-compile FieldTrip Buffer respectively neuromag2ft


  1. Prepare Neuromag workstation

    cd ~
    mkdir na-online
    mkdir na-online/fieldtrip
  2. Download FieldTrip code. You may have to do it on another workstation with git!

    # Workstation with git
    cd ~
    mkdir na-online_dependencies
    cd ~/na-online_dependencies
    git clone
    # Neuromag workstation
    cd ~/na-online/fieldtrip
    scp -r <user>@<git workstation>:~/na-online_dependencies/fieldtrip/realtime ./
  3. Start neuromag2ft, you may have to open a port in the firewall. The following command specifies the port 4217 (same port as MNE Real-time Server)

    cd ~/na-online/fieldtrip/realtime/src/acquisition/neuromag/bin/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
    ./neuromag2ft --bufport 4217
  4. Optional: Due to the error - GLIBC ... not found, FieldTrip Buffer respectively neuromag2ft has to be re-compiled on the Neuromag workstation

    # Compile FieldTrip Buffer 
    cd ~/na-online/fieldtrip/realtime/src/buffer/src
    make clean
    # Compile neuromag2ft
    cd ~/na-online/fieldtrip/realtime/src/acquisition/neuromag
    make clean