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 .. currentmodule:: _pytest.mark
 By using the ``pytest.mark`` helper you can instantiate
-decorators that will set named meta data on test functions.
+decorators that will set named metadata on test functions.
 Marking a single function
-You can "mark" a test function with meta data like this::
+You can "mark" a test function with metadata like this::
     import pytest
 This will set the function attribute ``webtest`` to a :py:class:`MarkInfo`
-instance.  You can also specify parametrized meta data like this::
+instance.  You can also specify parameterized metadata like this::
     # content of test_mark.py
 If you are programming with Python2.6 you may use ``pytest.mark`` decorators
-with classes to apply markers to all its test methods::
+with classes to apply markers to all of its test methods::
     # content of test_mark_classlevel.py
     import pytest