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File doc/assert.txt

 to assert that your function returns a certain value. If this
 assertion fails you will see the value of ``x``::
-XYZZY: or maybe you do want to talk about whether an object has a certain
-attribute.  In which case, as an example, you should not pick for your
-object a function object, and for your attribute a return value.  This is
-because depending on your background, you may have been taught that
-functions and methods are not attributes, by defintion.  We all memorised
-that attributes only came with classes, and were side effect free.  This
-causes lots of problems in comprehension until you get this idea out of
-your head where your professors have put it.  I had a similar problem
-when first learning C.  I wanted to write a procedure.  I couldn't find 
-out how.  Finally somebpody told me that you just wrote a function that
-didn't return anything.  I was _amazed_.  I knew that all functions must,
-by definition, return a value.  ... It's not the things that you don't know
-but the things that you know that aren't so that bite you the hardest.
-         def test_one(self):
-            x = "this"
-            assert 'h' in x
-will not confuse people.
     $ py.test
     =========================== test session starts ============================
     platform linux2 -- Python 2.6.6 -- pytest-2.0.1

File doc/customize.txt

 XYZZY: You need to explain norecursedirs someplace, and I think here
        would be a good place to begin a new section.  There are other
        good places, as long as it gets done before the section on
-       builtin configuation options. 
+       builtin configuration options. 
 How to override the default command line options