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This plugin is a Growl plugin for sending messages to Notifo.

When any applications publish Growl messages on your Mac, this plugin relays the messages to Notifo service. And the messages reach your mobile phone that has Notifo application.

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Getting started


End User

Please download "" (ver.0.2 / 2010-11-21) .

When you unarchive this file, you can get "Notifo.growlView". This is the Growl plugin.

"Notifo.growlView" is installed in Growl on your Mac when you double-click it.


Please download the sources of this plugin. You can use Mercurial or the "Downloads" link on this page.

$ hg clone

The sources of this plugin is controlled by Xcode (Ver. 3.2.4 / Mac OSX 10.6). When you open "Notifo.xcodeproj" by double-clicking, opens.

When you build the sources, you can get the plugin: "Notifo.growlView" in the directory: build/Debug/ or build/Release/. "Notifo.growlView" is installed in Growl on your Mac when you double-click it.


Details with some screenshots.

This plugin requires Notifo Username / API Key for using.

In Growl Preferences panel, this plugin shows as "Notifo".

Label is option for displaying messages on your mobile phone. Label is used in mesages as "Label"+"ApplicationName", so it is good that Label includes a separator charactor, for example "Growl - " or "My Mac: " etc.

You can use this plugin for all message or selected message. The preferences is edited on Growl Preferences panel.

Have fun!