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Ned Batchelder  committed 92e5211

Less noise in the test output.

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 commands =
-    {envpython} setup.py clean
-    {envpython} setup.py develop
+    {envpython} setup.py --quiet clean
+    {envpython} setup.py --quiet develop 
     # Create test/zipmods.zip
     {envpython} igor.py zip_mods
     {envpython} igor.py test_with_tracer py {posargs}
     # Build the C extension and test with the CTracer
-    {envpython} setup.py build_ext --inplace
+    {envpython} setup.py --quiet build_ext --inplace
     {envpython} igor.py test_with_tracer c {posargs}
 deps =