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# XXX This is completely outdated file, kept here only for bootstrapping
#     reasons. If you touch it, try removing it

import py
import os
from pypy.translator.tool.cbuild import ExternalCompilationInfo
from pypy.tool.udir import udir
from pypy.rlib import rarithmetic
from pypy.rpython.lltypesystem import lltype
from pypy.tool.gcc_cache import build_executable_cache

def ask_gcc(question, add_source=""):
    from pypy.translator.platform import platform
    includes = ['stdlib.h', 'stdio.h', 'sys/types.h']
    if != 'msvc':
        includes += ['inttypes.h']
    include_string = "\n".join(["#include <%s>" % i for i in includes])
    c_source = py.code.Source('''
    // includes


    // checking code
    int main(void)
       return (0);
    ''' % (include_string, add_source, str(question)))
    c_file = udir.join("gcctest.c")
    c_file.write(str(c_source) + '\n')
    eci = ExternalCompilationInfo()
    return build_executable_cache([c_file], eci)

def sizeof_c_type(c_typename, **kwds):
    return sizeof_c_types([c_typename], **kwds)[0]

def sizeof_c_types(typenames_c, **kwds):
    lines = ['printf("sizeof %s=%%ld\\n", (long)sizeof(%s));' % (c_typename,
             for c_typename in typenames_c]
    question = '\n\t'.join(lines)
    answer = ask_gcc(question, **kwds)
    lines = answer.splitlines()
    assert len(lines) == len(typenames_c)
    result = []
    for line, c_typename in zip(lines, typenames_c):
        answer = line.split('=')
        assert answer[0] == "sizeof " + c_typename
    return result

class Platform:
    def __init__(self):
        self.types = {}
        self.numbertype_to_rclass = {}
    def inttype(self, name, c_name, signed, **kwds):
            return self.types[name]
        except KeyError:
            size = sizeof_c_type(c_name, **kwds)
            return self._make_type(name, signed, size)

    def _make_type(self, name, signed, size):
        inttype = rarithmetic.build_int('r_' + name, signed, size*8)
        tp = lltype.build_number(name, inttype)
        self.numbertype_to_rclass[tp] = inttype
        self.types[name] = tp
        return tp

    def populate_inttypes(self, list, **kwds):
        """'list' is a list of (name, c_name, signed)."""
        missing = []
        names_c = []
        for name, c_name, signed in list:
            if name not in self.types:
                missing.append((name, signed))
        if names_c:
            sizes = sizeof_c_types(names_c, **kwds)
            assert len(sizes) == len(missing)
            for (name, signed), size in zip(missing, sizes):
                self._make_type(name, signed, size)

platform = Platform()