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= ThingFish

== Authors

* Michael Granger <>
* Mahlon E. Smith <>

== Installation

=== Requirements

ThingFish is written in ruby, and is tested using version 1.8.6:

  * Ruby (>= 1.8.6):

Other versions may work, but are not tested.

=== Ruby Modules

There are two ways you can install ThingFish. The easiest is to use RubyGems:

  $ sudo gem install -y thingfish

If you'd rather install from source, you'll need these:

  * Ebb (>= 0.2.1):
  * PluginFactory (>= 1.0.3):
  * UUIDTools (>= 1.0.0):

Once these are installed:

  $ tar -zxvf thingfish-0.1.0.tgz
  $ cd thingfish-0.1.0
  $ su -
  # rake install

If you want to help out with development, run tests, or generate documentation, 
you'll need a few more things:

  * RSpec (>= 1.0.5):
  * rcov (>= 0.7.0):
  * lockfile (>= 1.4.3):
  * rcodetools (>= 0.7.0):
  * CodeRay (>= 0.7.0):
  * Redcloth (>= 3.0.4):

If you have RubyGems installed, you can install these automatically via the 
+install_dependencies+ task of the Rakefile:

  $ sudo rake install_dependencies

For further information on getting your server up and running, see the QUICKSTART file.

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