CRITICAL: Vivaldi 2.9: Bug trying authenticate Google signin within Pass|]Brow extension: Vivaldi gives 400 of 404 errors!

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Issue #11 resolved
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See Title. Can I please authenticate in another way? website login or something.

Here on Vivaldi website / Forum: Hadden89 30 jul. 2017 16:38
@ThePineappleGuy I suspect every extension which call that url won't work as it's trying to find a google API. The chrome:// vivaldi:// change in urlbar it's cosmetic - they actually lead to different places when directly used. chrome://chrome/chrome-signin/?access_point=6&reason=0 actually goes to an internal page, but the API don't exist in vivaldi. If the extension only need a google account, maybe the web login could work, otherwise it won't.

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