ltnooy  committed 58080e9

Making the number typing slightly smarter so that it will return integers in the case that a number can be represented as an integer.

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     def to_python(cls, type, value):
+        def _number(x):
+            try:
+                return int(x)
+            except (TypeError, ValueError), e:
+                return decimal.Decimal(x)
         lookup = {
             'string': lambda x: unicode(x),
             'boolean': lambda x: bool(x),
-            'number': lambda x: decimal.Decimal(x),
+            'number': _number, 
             'datetime': lambda x: cls.datetime_from_iso(x)
         converter = lookup.get(type)
         lookup = {
             unicode: lambda x: urllib.quote(x.encode('utf8')),
             bool: lambda x: unicode(x).lower(),
+            int: lambda x: unicode(x),
             decimal.Decimal: lambda x: unicode(x),
             datetime.datetime: lambda x: cls.datetime_to_iso(x),
             type(None): lambda x: 'null'