Alex Gaynor avatar Alex Gaynor committed 625c07c

Kill some duplicate code (thanks to Zain Memon for spotting the log duplication).

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     ('int_lshift_ovf',       [lltype.Signed, lltype.Signed], lltype.Signed),
     ('int_abs',              [lltype.Signed],                lltype.Signed),
     ('ll_math.ll_math_sqrt', [lltype.Float],                 lltype.Float),
-    ]
 class LLtypeHelpers:


                         [rffi.DOUBLE, rffi.DOUBLE], rffi.DOUBLE)
 math_floor = llexternal('floor', [rffi.DOUBLE], rffi.DOUBLE, elidable_function=True)
 math_sqrt = llexternal('sqrt', [rffi.DOUBLE], rffi.DOUBLE)
-math_log = llexternal('log', [rffi.DOUBLE], rffi.DOUBLE)
-math_log10 = llexternal('log10', [rffi.DOUBLE], rffi.DOUBLE)
 def sqrt_nonneg(x):
     return (fracpart, intpart)
-def ll_math_copysign(x, y):
-    return math_copysign(x, y)     # no error checking needed
 def ll_math_fmod(x, y):
     if isinf(y):
         if isinf(x):
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