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Implement version for llinterp.

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 # ____________________________________________________________
 # Implementation of the 'canfold' oo operations
 def op_ooupcast(INST, inst):
     return ootype.ooupcast(INST, inst)
 op_ooupcast.need_result_type = True


     assert typeOf(obj) is Object
     return obj._cast_to(EXPECTED_TYPE)
+class Box(_object):
+    def __init__(self, i):
+        self._TYPE = Object
+        self.i = i
+def oobox_int(i):
+    return Box(i)
+oobox_int.need_result_type = True
+def oounbox_int(x):
+    return x.i
+oounbox_int.need_result_type = True
 def oostring(obj, base):
     Convert char, int, float, instances and str to str.
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