Alex Gaynor avatar Alex Gaynor committed ce8caa1

It didn't work because array's have a fixed length and the JIT is very smart. Rewrite the test to ues an attribute (could have also used a non-fixed-size array), it fails before this patch and passes afterwords.

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     optimizations, unroll = build_opt_chain(metainterp_sd, enable_opts,
                                             inline_short_preamble, retraced)
     if unroll:
         optimize_unroll(metainterp_sd, loop, optimizations)


             def release(self):
+        class X(object):
+            def __init__(self, idx):
+                self.field = idx
-        def get_lst():
-            return [0]
-        myjitdriver = JitDriver(greens=[], reds=["n", "l", "lock"])
-        def f(n):
+        def get_obj(z):
+            return X(z)
+        myjitdriver = JitDriver(greens=[], reds=["n", "l", "z", "lock"])
+        def f(n, z):
             lock = Lock()
             l = 0
             while n > 0:
-                myjitdriver.jit_merge_point(lock=lock, l=l, n=n)
-                x = get_lst()
-                l += len(x)
+                myjitdriver.jit_merge_point(lock=lock, l=l, n=n, z=z)
+                x = get_obj(z)
+                l += x.field
                 # This must not reuse the previous one.
-                n -= len(x)
+                n -= x.field
             return n
-        res = self.meta_interp(f, [10])
-        self.check_loops(arraylen_gc=2)
+        res = self.meta_interp(f, [10, 1])
+        self.check_loops(getfield_gc=2)
 class TestLLtype(BaseLLtypeTests, LLJitMixin):
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