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bitsy / BlueprintsFeatures

Supported Blueprints Features

Most of the Blueprints features in version 2.3.0 are supported by Bitsy.

  • ignoresSuppliedIds: true
  • isWrapper: false
  • supportsDuplicateEdges: true
  • supportsEdgeIteration: Same as the allowFullGraphScans option passed during the creation of the BitsyGrah
  • supportsEdgeProperties: true
  • supportsEdgeRetrieval: true
  • supportsSelfLoops: true
  • supportsThreadedTransactions: true
  • supportsTransactions: true
  • supportsVertexIteration: Same as allowFullGraphScans
  • supportsVertexProperties: true
  • supportsEdgeKeyIndex: true
  • supportsKeyIndices: true
  • supportsVertexKeyIndex: true

Note: KeyIndexableGraph is supported, but not the older IndexableGraph interface. Refer to this page for more information.

  • supportsIndices: false
  • supportsVertexIndex: false
  • supportsEdgeIndex: false

Serialization features

All serialization features are supported. Object serialization depends on the Jackson JSON processor with "default typing" option enabled, not Java serialization. The default typing option is described in the section named "Deserializing Polymorphic types" in the Jackson FAQ.

  • supportsBooleanProperty: true
  • supportsDoubleProperty: true
  • supportsDuplicateEdges: true
  • supportsFloatProperty: true
  • supportsIntegerProperty: true
  • supportsLongProperty: true
  • supportsMapProperty: true
  • supportsMixedListProperty: true
  • supportsPrimitiveArrayProperty: true
  • supportsSerializableObjectProperty: true
  • supportsStringProperty: true
  • supportsUniformListProperty: true