A Sphinx extension to generate changelog files.

This is an experimental, possibly-not-useful extension that's used by the SQLAlchemy project and related projects.


A sample configuration in conf.py looks like this:

extensions = [
            # changelog extension

            # your other sphinx extensions
            # ...

# section names - optional
changelog_sections = ["general", "rendering", "tests"]

# tags to sort on inside of sections - also optional
changelog_inner_tag_sort = ["feature", "bug"]

# how to render changelog links - these are plain
# python string templates, ticket/pullreq/changeset number goes
# in "%s"
changelog_render_ticket = "http://bitbucket.org/myusername/myproject/issue/%s"
changelog_render_pullreq = "http://bitbucket.org/myusername/myproject/pullrequest/%s"
changelog_render_changeset = "http://bitbucket.org/myusername/myproject/changeset/%s"


Changelog introduces the changelog and change directives:

Changelog for 1.5.6

.. changelog::
    :version: 1.5.6
    :released: Sun Oct 12 2008

    .. change::
        :tags: general
        :tickets: 27

      Improved the frobnozzle.

    .. change::
        :tags: rendering, tests
        :pullreq: 8
        :changeset: a9d7cc0b56c2

      Rendering tests now correctly render.

With the above markup, the changes above will be rendered into document sections per changelog, then each change within organized into paragraphs, including special markup for tags, tickets mentioned, pull requests, changesets. The entries will be grouped and sorted by tag according to the configuration of the changelog_sections and changelog_inner_tag_sort configurations.

A "compound tag" can also be used, if the configuration has a section like this:

changelog_sections = ["orm declarative", "orm"]

Then change entries which contain both the orm and declarative tags will be grouped under a section called orm declarative, followed by the orm section where change entries that only have orm will be placed.

Other Markup

The 🎫 directive will make use of the changelog_render_ticket markup to render a ticket link: