tracevis_adds_legends_to_graph_and_refactors / scripts /

# Text progress bar library, like curl or scp.

import sys

class ProgressBar:
    def __init__(self, label, limit):
        self.label = label
        self.limit = limit
        self.cur = 0

    def update(self, value):
        self.cur = value
        pct = int(100.0 * self.cur / self.limit)
        barlen = int(50.0 * self.cur / self.limit) - 1
        bar = '='*barlen + '>'
        sys.stdout.write('\r%-12s %3d%% %-50s|'%(self.label, pct, bar))

    def finish(self):

if __name__ == '__main__':
    from time import sleep
    pb = ProgressBar('test', 12)
    for i in range(12):
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